why osteobionix

Our expertise originates from a long experience in studying challenging bone and joint conditions and looking for the most suitable tailored solutions to treat them.

We have learned a lot over the years, but there are two notions we love to stick to.

To start with, every clinical case is unique because every patient is unique. As far as we can, we will provide surgeons with the most specific solution for each patient.

Additionally, the human body has outstanding self-healing capabilities. We will always choose less invasive, tissue sparing surgical solutions, provided that such solutions are safe and effective.

When standardized solutions cannot guarantee optimal treatment, osteobionix can help identify, design and manufacture a custom-made solution for each patient.

osteobionix designs and manufactures clinically validated, high-quality, cost-effective patient-specific solutions for orthopaedic, trauma, spine, thoracic and craniomaxillofacial surgery.

what we do

osteobionix designs and manufactures clinically validated, high-quality, cost-effective custom implants and instruments for orthopaedic, trauma, spine, thoracic and craniomaxillofacial surgery.

Our technical background and clinical expertise allow us to use porous metal and biopolymer 3D printing to support surgeons in finding patient-specific solutions in a wide variety of challenging medical conditions.

thoracic surgery

thoracic surgery

The procedural complexity of chest wall reconstruction has led to a variety of solutions, none of which, however, has proven to be optimal. Conventional solutions have weaknesses, which, to different extents, make their advantages less attractive.

Common implant drawbacks include:

• incomplete protection (lack of rigidity/stability)
• paradoxical breathing (lack of rigidity/stability)
• respiratory distress (excessive rigidity)
• post-operative pain (rigidity, insufficient permeability)
• implant breakage (inadequate mechanical resistance)

osteobionix offers customized implants based on a patient’s CT scan and designed in collaboration with surgeons:

• implants are made of titanium alloy, 3D printed with EBM technology
• size can range from a single rib to sternum with multiple ribs
• solid and stable structure to avoid paradoxical chest motion and protect internal organs
• flexible and extensible ribs to allow for normal respiratory mechanics
• shape mimics sound rib cage to minimize deformity
• implant options can include detachable sternum-rib connections
• prosthetic ribs can be fixed to resected ribs with claw-type fixation or cerclageons in a wide variety of challenging medical conditions.


cranio-maxillofacial surgery

Cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) surgery requires very high accuracy. In addition, precise restoration of the original anatomic contours adds an often sought-after aesthetic element. The osteobionix CMF solutions include positioning and cutting jigs and custom-made implants that ensure extremely accurate fit and precise anatomic contour restoration in each situation. osteobionix uses its extensive know-how and cutting-edge technologies to offer solutions for:

• joint reconstruction (TMJ)
• oncologic reconstructive surgery
• trauma reconstructive surgery

spine surgery

spine surgery

“Off-the-shelf” implants suit most of the spinal problems that surgeons face daily. Some less common problems, such as severe congenital or degenerative deformities and oncologic lesions, however, pose reconstruction challenges, which are more safely and efficiently addressed with customized implants. osteobionix offers innovative implants, designed and manufactured with advanced technologies to address complex surgical challenges and perfectly fit the patient’s anatomy. The solutions designed and implanted to date include:

• vertebral bodies for reconstruction after en-bloc resection in the thoracolumbar region
• vertebral bodies for reconstruction after hemispondylectomy of the cervical and thoracolumbar spine
• complex reconstructions of the sacrum in oncologic surgery

orthopaedic & trauma surgery<br />

orthopaedic & trauma surgery

Orthopaedic and trauma surgery includes a variety of challenging procedures, for which off-the-shelf solutions are sometimes suboptimal. osteobionix‘ expertise and innovative technologies deliver patient-specific solutions including, but not limited to:

• reconstructive surgery with porous titanium implants
– primary and metastatic musculoskeletal tumor surgery
– complex revision joint surgery
– skeletal deformity correction surgery
• reconstructive surgery with allograft
– precision cutting guides for patient’s bone and allograft
• trauma surgery
– severe traumatic bone loss
– nonunion-associated bone defects
• large osteochondral defects o porous titanium and biopolymer composite implants

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